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Meet Us

Our Co-directors

The organization was started by Miriam Redleaf, MD, neurotologist at the University of Illinois Hospital. Dr. Miriam Redleaf is a widely-respected expert in otology. She is the head of the Otology/Neurotology Program and Audiology Division at UI Health. She and her multidisciplinary team are committed to enhancing communication at all stages of life. Dr. Redleaf specializes in otology (the ear), the facial nerve, the nerves and canals leading to the ear, and the lateral skull base. She works with a team whose expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of diseases, including chronic infections of the ear, skull base tumors, hearing loss from infancy through adulthood, and disorders of the facial nerve. Under her direction a support system for cochlear implant children and families, Happy Ears on Taylor Street, was established and is helping children and families to embrace the world of hearing. Dr. Redleaf is extensively published, having authored or coauthored more than 40 scholarly articles. She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology, and holds a Certificate of Added Qualification in Neurotology. Dr. Redleaf is also the Louis J. Mayer Professor of Otology/Neurotology.

Her commitment to this project has inspired her colleagues to help in this endeavor as well the support of the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at UI Health with the start of the Ethiopia Otology Fund as well as their volunteerism and expertise.

Gabrielle Cager, Au.D., audiologist at the University of Illinois Hospital and is the director of Audiology for the Ethio-American Hearing Project.  Dr. Cager has been an audiologist for over 20 years specializing in pediatric diagnostic hearing testing, auditory implants (cochlear impants and auditory osseointegrated implants), hearing aids, auditory evoked response testing and auditory processing. She also specializes in patients with craniofacial differences. She has worked at UI Health and with Dr. Redleaf for many years and is the community/global outreach coordinator for the Audiology department. She is committed to improving hearing health care services to those who are under served.

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