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The year off to a great start!

Dr. Redleaf spent 2 weeks in Addis working with Korean Hospital and their otologist, Dr. Bilen. Performing their first cochlear implant surgery at that location.

The school hearing screenings in Mekele was completed and was a success.

COVID 19 Pandemic

The novel Corona virus has placed us in unprecedented times. We continue to work with our colleagues in Ethiopia via telemedicine and teleconferencing.


We will remain hopeful that this will pass quickly. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ethiopia and those suffering around the world.

Stay safe.

Living In Our New Normal

2020 continues to be a challenging year for all;  however, we are glad to report that all of our friends working with EAHP are safe and well. 

We continue to monitor patients and students via telemedicine and teleconferencing. We have several audiology trainees who are near the end of their program...exciting!! We also have trainees who are expanding their knowledge to pediatric hearing testing. 

Other highlights!!

  • Now that school is resuming in-person classes, our cued speech program will be starting up again.

  • Plans for getting back in the operating room is now on the way. Our 3 Ethiopian otologist are now heading the otology program and trainings. We are planning a trip to Addis to get our otologist back up and running. The goal is to perform several cochlear implant surgeries as well as other crucial ear surgeries before 2020 is over.

  • Thank you to Med El Corporation and their continued educational and financial support. They have been committed to ensuring that patients around the world have access to hearing healthcare. They also have one of the largest cochlear implant presence in Africa, and we are grateful for their continued support in Ethiopia. EAHP is also looking forward to additional courses online and hopefully soon in person.

Stay safe and wear your mask.

December 2020 Newsletter and Happy New Year!!

2020 hasn't been such a bad year for our projects supporting audiology and otology growth in Ethiopia. True, we haven't been able to travel there or supervise surgeries since February 2020. However most facets of our educational programs have progressed:


Our Cued Speech programs have expanded to two Deaf grade schools in Addis Ababa and have expanded to hard-of-hearing students, normal-hearing siblings, and to parents of enrolled students. In addition, our excellent administrator and educational director, Ms. Netsanet and Mr. Mikyas have developed these video materials for education (


Our audiology educational programs are progressing nicely under the administrative and educational direction of Ms. Alpha and Mr. Abel. 12 month audiometry students have completed their studies and are waiting for COVID interruptions to cease so that they can take  their hands-on exams in Addis Ababa. Our 6-month students have finished their programs. And 4 students have begun their pediatric audiology modules, as a prerequisite to their cochlear implant modules.


Surgical sites are delayed now. Our three original otologists - Drs. Asnake, Bilen and Nebiat - are taking responsibility for the surgical training camps and the assignments of teachers, trainees, and equipment.  Unfortunately Dr. Betelhem's rotation in India had to be cut short after two weeks because of COVID. This rotation and the two fellows currently in training will have to be completed after COVID restrictions are better. Despite these obstacles, St. Peter's hospital in Addis Ababis developing nicely as an otology site - having designated equipment, microscopes, clinical space, and soon 3 nurses to train in audiology there.


Cochlear implantation continues to progress with Med-el corporation in Ethiopia, under the direction of Ms. Unterrieder, supporting 2 implantations for January 2021 and the publication of their Amharic language landing page (


So all in all, 2020 has pushed most fields forward and when the OR's reopen our surgical training will return.


We hope you have a safe and happy new year.





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